Project 06


Blessed Backpacks has two functions:

1. A focus on children who may need school things, bedroom items, clothes, etc. A study in 2019 revealed that parents spent an average of $117 on school supplies and a backpack. After polling parents of kids K-5 ourselves, we found this information to be scarily accurate. The majority if Moms in the group revealed that they spent over $100 per child for supplies and backpacks, not including clothes, or shoes. It has been laid on our hearts to build backpacks filled with essential school supplies and give back to kids in our community who have a need.


2. A focus on feeding and clothing those afflicted with homelessness. Homelessness affects nearly 26,000 in Texas alone.

Blessed Backpacks is a part of the Blake Foundation - a non-profit that subsists on a percentage of PROARC profits. We established it so that we could always be giving back and helping out those in need - like it says in James 2:15-17.

As a design company, we created the logo & video. As avid followers of the one true God, we want to keep showing His love to everyone.