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Why Pay For Services That You Can Get For Free?

If you want to skip the anecdote and get straight to the point, start at the blue triangle

Have you ever been inspired by something you saw online and immediately looked up how much it would cost to get it for yourself? I’ve been there. Not very long ago, actually. I saw something really cool on an ad, and looked it up. Everything was going great until I found out that I had to pay a subscription for it.

So I did what us determined people do. I googled free knock-offs. For like an hour.

You know you’re desperate to find something when you end up on page 7 of google. Eventually, I found a similar app that seemed like it could be a good free version of the one I wasn’t willing to buy. It was a dud. A DUD-DUD. We’re talking all the crashes and bugs. The navigation made no sense, and the reviews uh…I should have listened to them first.

You really do get what you pay for. To get the good stuff -- the things that actually work and are continually cared for -- you have to put in a little bit of money. Sometimes, it really does pay to just do things the right way and get what you actually want.

Stop settling for less and make MORE a reality!

That concept applies pretty much across the board. Tools that allow you to make easy — and free — graphic logos are great to get ideas and concepts. They aren’t so great to actually represent your business. With free apps you get a static version of something anyone else could make. You can’t resize it to be big and clear enough for a banner. You can’t edit small details. You’re limited on font choice and restricted to however many they let you make a month on the free plan. And what if you’re not really a creative type? How are entrepreneurs supposed to just know they need to be thinking ahead about how much printing will cost if you use 12 colors in your logo, or you don’t use the same font family when making postings for social media so your business looks like Dr. Frankenstein helped out with the branding. Or that the font you chose isn’t commercial free and you’ll have to pay over $200 just to license it.

When considering how far you want your business to go, it’s not just the logos or pictures you make and find, it’s about how it all comes together. Is it accurately represented? Is the quality good? Is it marketable? Can people read it? Does the vibe match the product? How much are you allocating to your marketing and design budget?

If you’re serious about starting or growing your business, something you have to get serious about is definitely your budget - on all fronts. I can tell you from experience - having a good face (logo/representation of your business) is definitely worth the money.

With PROARC, you don’t only get all the sweet accolades that come with using a professional design service, but also the benefit of working closely with people. We’re not robots. We’ll e-mail, call, zoom, or even text if that’s more comfortable for you.

Together, we’ll help you build the business of your dreams. AND we’re budget friendly. Not free — but fair. We do our best to get you the best look possible without breaking the bank. Need a website but can only do half-price right now? Let’s work out a payment plan. Need business cards and logo but don’t think you can afford both? Maybe we can do package deal. We’re people too, just like you. This is how we pay rent and feed our families.

Look - we aren’t professional creatives because we want to get rich. I mean that would be nice, but realistically that's not why anyone starts a business based on artistic skills.

We do this because we’re passionate about using our gifts to ignite yours.


Interested in starting your first project with PROARC? Click here for more information.

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