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When Creativity and Christianity Collide

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Written by Stephanie Kelley of Christian Women Living

I’m happy to introduce the readers of Christian Women Living Magazine to a dynamic young couple with a head for business and a heart for God. Chaunce and Shaelin Blake will be an inspiration for you whether you’re struggling to start a business, express your creativity in a Christian way, raise a young family or just need to hear a testimony of answered prayers.

Stephanie Kelley: Please introduce yourself to our readers. Shae Blake: Hello! My name is Shae. I co-run a design house with my husband & we have two beautiful baby boys (2 & 1) that get into everything. I love to write, produce music & design websites and videos. My favorite part of any project is connecting with people. When you get to know people you can put their heart and soul into the project and it makes you want to do even better than your absolute best. Chaunce: Hi! My name is Chaunce. I am the founder and lead designer for Proarc Design House. I have a beautiful family that I thank God for. I enjoy designing for clients and I always make sure we provide the best products possible to fulfill the vision they may have.

Stephanie: Please share your testimony. Shae: Well, I grew up going to a small church in Michigan. My parents were very actively involved in church and every church event you could think of. I loved it. But when I went away to college everything kinda…fell apart. I got into a lot of things that did nothing but hold me back. It took three years before I’d fallen so far down that pride didn’t matter anymore. So I went back home, and eventually moved to Texas with my cousin not long after. I changed my life, got back into church and sought God, and met my husband! Chaunce: I grew up in Houston, Texas in a single parent home. My christian mother did all she could to raise me the right way. As a child I spent most of my time building, creating, and reading books about drawing. That interest carried on throughout middle and high school where I won awards for painting, sculpting, and drawing. But with every success story there are many mistakes along the way. In 2012 I got into a lot of trouble in college that deterred me from my art. It took many years for me to start my art again, after dropping out of college 2 years later I enrolled in The Art Institute of Houston at the beginning of 2015 where I studied Design & Technical Graphics (Engineering Drafting). After studying for 3 years I started my career in the workforce designing many different types of products from large LED signs around Houston, Websites for large corporations, branding packages for businesses and many other marketing collateral. In 2017 I met my beautiful wife, it was love at first site. We were married in 2018 and started our family. After the pandemic hit I lost my job, with 2 children to provide for we had to trust in God and started Proarc Design House. God has been good to our family in 2020!

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